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Do You Have A Waterproofing Problem We Can Help With?

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Specialists In Modern Waterproofing

Cost Effective – 100% Guaranteed Waterproofing – 40% Heat Resistant

Terrace / Roof Waterproofing

Affordable Terrace Waterproofing Solutions in Ahmedabad,Gujarat Call Now:98255 85997

Need Waterproofing?

 This is a Water based  Silicone – added with white cement in proper ratio. After applying all coatings on the surface, it will set within half an hour. The completely curing is needed for 24 hours to strengthen.
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Bathroom Renovation

Complete Solution for the Old and New Bathroom Waterproofing & Renovation


Terrible damage from badly installed Bathrooms has been a big problem in the past, and to deal with that there have been quite a few changes to the waterproofing requirements in recent years.

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Wall Treatment Waterproofing

Exterior Wall Waterproofing and Interior Wall Waterproofing . specialized treatment

Wall Waterproofing

Do you want to get rid of leaky roof, seepage, wall dampness, wall fungal, and water damage? We are providing you with an innovative solution to all these problems.You need a specialized treatment – permanently.

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Water Tank and Swimming Pool

We have a wide range of options available ,after carefully surveying, recording and studding your problem .


The Leakage of Water tanks Spoils the Decor,Thus Helps in The Growth of the Harmful bacteria such as Algae,Fungus,Etc Which leads to the various diseases . So it Requires a Quick and instant Solution .

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Our promise as a contractor,

Our promise as a contractor, is to build community value into every project. while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality Water proofing.